Regret free life

How often do we get a chance to say, “I have no regrets left whatsoever from this life”. Last night, few drinks past, conversations light up, he pours his heart out. I couldn’t get past the statement he made, a life with no regrets. I guess, I can trade anything to experience this high. Often … More Regret free life


Seven sets, seven emotions, seven stories and yet we tend to fall for only one. The happily ever after. No matter how far, and how alone I end up, I will always end up loving you. Perhaps, that’s my forever. People tend to chase their forever, be it in job, passion, investments or relationships. We … More Forever

I do

If, I do!! Another September is ebbing away, and I dwell between the past and future plans. If ever, I get a chance to spell those two words ” I Do ”, what would be different? Perhaps, altogether me. There was a time when I didn’t know the meaning of those two words. Three singular … More I do

One Love

In that last conversation, he spoke about his love journeys. From first love to the fourth break up. Love happened to him as if he owns the elixir factory for love. I grew up with the stories of true love, one love which was pure and forever. There was no literature for second and third … More One Love

Quarantine day 8

Sixty days into the game, and you pull the plug to find solidarity in silence. there are side effects of every medicine you ingest. Apparently sitting idle has it’s own side effects too. Apart from pounding on some kgs, the sedentary mind races more than the feet. Of late, in the name of retrospection to … More Quarantine day 8

Quarantine day 1

I want to write letters, some old fashioned way letters. Letters, with ink and paper. With all that zest I made up the mind and sat to write, but I could not find a paper in house. It’s just I have stopped keeping diaries, notebooks in house and replaced the old bag paper with my … More Quarantine day 1