Define love.

Define love, I asked him abruptly. He made a sigh. So I insisted to be answered. He was trying to compose one. So I waited that pause. In that pause, I knew he might ask me the same. So I began thinking. As a human we can’t escape three things, Time, age and karma. I … More Define love.


Have we ever confronted our feelings? We tackle them on daily basis, some of us do fight them on higher frequencies. often we shrug them and try to abandon them in an unknown corner of our sight. But do they disappear ever ? Or they tend to haunt us until we have real confrontations . … More Arrogance

Regret free life

How often do we get a chance to say, “I have no regrets left whatsoever from this life”. Last night, few drinks past, conversations light up, he pours his heart out. I couldn’t get past the statement he made, a life with no regrets. I guess, I can trade anything to experience this high. Often … More Regret free life


Seven sets, seven emotions, seven stories and yet we tend to fall for only one. The happily ever after. No matter how far, and how alone I end up, I will always end up loving you. Perhaps, that’s my forever. People tend to chase their forever, be it in job, passion, investments or relationships. We … More Forever

I do

If, I do!! Another September is ebbing away, and I dwell between the past and future plans. If ever, I get a chance to spell those two words ” I Do ”, what would be different? Perhaps, altogether me. There was a time when I didn’t know the meaning of those two words. Three singular … More I do