A dawn
mystic divine
colorful hues
orange and lime.

Vast Sky
chirping birds
peacock feathers
dig and dive.

Bereft ocean
silent shore
royal blue
smooth and shine.

Endless horizon
melting in my arms
I embrace life
snuggle and tight.


5 thoughts on “Poetry of Independent Haikus

  1. You wrote this poem exactly a month back. Shows such a serene state of mind to be in. The word ‘bereft’ brings in a feeling of sorrow in an otherwise ‘happy’ poem, yet it seems the sorrow/pain is only a nature to the ‘sea’ owing to its ‘vast’ness. As if the sea has made peace with it.

  2. The structure and flow is truly genius.
    I am wondering how i missed this truth that you have actually become a really good poet. And I am serious. This is a good example of what great poetry looks like. At lease so i feel.

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