I lost the vanity of trusting you, all is left a pale heart. Harsh conviction of faith in you got torn the day I saw the thesis of devil. Betrayal, deception would be kind words to argue with.

Life has always been kind to me, generous to give everything but we buy happiness on the expenses of others. A colleague once told me, that we have been given with limited number of happy moments. if we ask and hence forth given, we don’t realize that some have been silently stolen. We account them after long credit hours and again we seek forth those stolen moments. Same happened with him. Incidences are innumerable and long. Tabulating them, wont be beneficial. hence I realized to survive with being content and expect less. After all life is just a passage, towards destiny or the death. or may be we often meet none in a phase of time.

Is being content right? wont a pond stink after contentment. have to find out.


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