We buy expensive gifts for our loved ones. Though the term expensive is as vague as love, atleast for me. How expensive? I often quiz myself. till one day I realized that expensive is directly proportional to the shopping list we buy out.
what do we buy?
Love: yes we express love by buying expensive gifts for our loved ones. Its a love language for some people who lack the verbal or physical communication. they buy happiness for their partners on the cost of falling wallet.A dear friend of mine tried to save his relationship by buying expensive gifts for his partner. unfortunately it dint last long. the list is ever exhausting to make one sweat and crumble.
Guilt: People do horrible things that doesn’t mean they are horrible people. BUT it doesn’t take time for one to become horrible if they start repeating and driving pleasure from same mistake (that would be a lenient word). there is a fine demarcation between doing horrible and being horrible. there lies a feeling of guilt. either we overcome it and become terrible or we buy it. we buy expensive gifts for our partners to hide our guilt. How long does it last? I Question.
Superiority: Ah! relations get ruined, kings get spoiled for the egos. one buy expensive things for other to show the superiority over gender. love and ego can never go together, we often tend to forget. Still we Justify it. How? I often see my female colleagues trying to buy expensive gifts for their spouses just to show superiority. they try to buy as expensive as possible for them in the name of love. are they satisfying their own ego or is it true love? I never asked them.
“Money can buy anything” I still need to solve this puzzle. may be, the day i’l have enormous amount of money, things will automatically fall in place.


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