In life or in relationships, there comes plenty of moments when we doubt ourselves, we think millionth times, there are thoughts to step back the same time as to put forth into a new beginning. BUT we rarely do so. why? May be because that”s not the right moment to step back.
Then!! what is the right moment to step back?
After eleven years of courtship, at her eleventh anniversary, she confesses that she is still waiting for the right time to step back. So cumulatively 22 years are not sufficient enough to back forth.
what lacks?
Courage: After a two year live-in relationship against her parents will, she is hesitant to step back. She now lives in a state of terror be being killed by her partner. She thinks, he has changed tremendously in last two years and the anger is turning outrageous and deadly. She cant step back: reasons, how will she start again, what about her parents? what i found, was a stubborn thought that the future is gloomy and dull. I debated. I think what we lack to step back is the moment of courage. We wait to gather courage and fight with self and jump out of self created boundaries.
Looking back, I see, there is never a right moment to step back.
Confidence:being highly educated and well paid is just not sufficient to survive in this world. We all are like the tender vine who need a wall to creep upon. What is lacking? A confidence to stand tall. the lack of confidence makes us fall for one, which we regret life long. and the cycle starts, we never find a right moment to step back and stand tall.
So when is the right moment to step back. I wish, life had a undo button as easy as enter.


4 thoughts on “The Right moment to step back

  1. Very profound writing. From my experience, it is the fear of the unknown that keeps people from taking the step of making changes even when the situation is bad. The right moment to step back is when you find the strength in fear. Though, that is easier said than done…

      1. For me, strength and courage are two separate traits. You need the courage to “see” the situation clearly and the strength to follow through. There have been times where I do see the situation and yet not have the strength to follow through…

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