After a mutual agreement they put an end to an age old relationship. I witnessed the mess through and before the divorce.
There had been a striking similarity I observed through out. The question of BETTER HALF .
They fought because they could not adjust with their better half.
Being humans we are incapable of encompassing every flaw of our partner. Hence we never conceive a better half we always fancy.
The irony which actually amazed me was the bitter process with which people are stuck with. They still want better half.
They want the better half they have achieved together when in relation. Property, friends, fridge, washing machine to be divided fairly into the better half. Who will share the embarrassment of the society? Who will enjoy the luxury of moving out?
We were always bound with the better half and will remain as, be it a sibling or life partner.
Question is : Who will get Better half or Bitter half?


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