Recently I heard myself complaining about missing joy of my life. Was it me only? nah!! since then I have acknowledged that every complain basically revolves around missing Joy. Joy is relatively subjective feeling, like they say, grass is always greener on opposite side. A friend of mine said that its all about harmony with oneself. I deny.
I sustain myself in harmony with whatever comes along. the inner joy is still lacking. I guess I am unable to recognize the worth of what we call “Living in the moment”.

Forgive: Learn to forgive, that’s what I derived after constant self hammering. yup!! forgiving is a troublesome task. it has benefits for self peace and calm, at the same time we let out the others to repeat; what had hurt us.
They say about joy of giving, should it be joy of forgiving? We show austerity to overcome our guilt, how if we forgive others and seek forgiveness rather than the mere act of momentous joy which would not lead us to rejoice.

Vulnerability to get hurt: A friend of mine has this extreme insecurity that she might get hurt easily if she loosen her self to the outer world. I don’t see a window which could lead joy to come inside. Are we living in a vulnerable world, where human emotions are shattered easily than being touched? or Is it us living in a shell protecting self from the nuclear wrath of unknown foreign particle.

Joy is as momentous as a child’s crackling smile. We gotta learn to sustain in.


One thought on “The Joy was never mine

  1. As you say joy is relative. One thing I have observed is , that being positive also brings lots of joy in everything you do. Each one’s definition and threshold of achieving joy is different. As your threshold goes up, it becomes more and more difficult to get enjoyment out of small things of life. If we go on thinking that life is not joyful enough, we do not give ourself chance to enjoy as we always start with negativity.

    On the other hand I can also understand your friend’s fear of not opening to the world because of fear of being hurt. Happenings in the past may be playing some part. She may have created different milieu , which may be giving her enough joy at the moment.

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