I am here and I see you as beautiful as the divinity. I planted my love in your room. It seems, time has come when it should bloom spreading the feathers all up high. The sunlight filtering through its beautiful leaves. I gently caress you as I am scared of loosing you. My mind is chaotic as a wailing child. Impatiently I stood daily underneath you to watch you bear fruits of our love. The love I accepted as my fortune, the love I believed in. Years have passed, when we made it first.

Suddenly, a gentle breeze tells me that I was just a crush, whispering; that love was virtual. An agonizing shrill runs through my spine reminding all the stories that were never mine. I was just a crush.

I have seen the violent birds coming off and on, hiding in your enormous branches. Often I had shoo them away, often I blew the branches. But I noticed, that the feathers had got intensified hiding their inhabitance from my vision.

Now I won’t tend you. As I don’t want to be your crush anymore. Someone out there will accept me as I am. Be I overgrow in my size, say I become monotonous or I am unable to deliver to display public intimacy. 


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