Here she stands right beside me, unaware of my existence. Beauty dribbling through her golden glazed wet hairs. Tendering her hairs between the fingers, she asks for “bhaiya 200gm dahi dena”. Unaccustomed to this side of my reality, I drove back to the seasons of my life when you used to come out of shower, wet as a newly sprouted chicken. Draining the sundew drops off to floor. I recollect myself shouting, “oye floor geela ho raha hai”. Wonder, was it floor or me, who was getting uninhibited of its firm grip. Tantalized by the earthen aroma of pampered skin and the fresh drops of winter fall on your golden transparent skin, I always skid against. My touch and your giggle, you wag your waist as if I am ready to be tamed. A gentle push and you all over my bed: “yeh lijiyeh apke bees rupay” said the milkman.

Darn!! I am back in present.


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