At a farewell dinner of my foreign friend, food became secondary and the primary issue on the minds of everyone was her marriage. Probably the cited reason for her departure was to find a suitable match in her continent and get fixed. On a lighter tone, everyone started asking about the available settings she is looking for her partner. Well, she started with one and by the end of evening we summarised a list of features/qualities she is looking in her partner. As they always say that a women’s list is endless.

How do I customise the one for myself? Pondering again and again, I can visualise only my previous one (of course with some alterations) but then I am not a tailor or an owner of my own destiny.

During a part of therapy, a friend asked me to visualize the scenes of life I intend to spend along. Confused staggered I saw my past and future merging into each other. She insisted that I should specifically visualize the characteristics of my future. And then the fun begun, a perfect tailor made partner, all mine, tip to toe, lip to nose. Ah! A delight.    

I wonder if it’s possible in real. If “Perfect” word ever exists. But then I am not perfect either. I will change the perfect match made for me to my customised needs and demands. Hence there is no use of praying for a perfect partner.

Let the people come and mould ourselves to the compatibility and feasibility of life. We can customise the people as per our needs but we forget that every system has an inbuilt default to hang.



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