Last evening, a sober dialogue turned into an interesting conversation and better understanding. Recently a quote by Mahatma Gandhi is in tweets “Be the change, you want to wish”. I researched a few articles and found about feel, imagine, do, share concept. Interestingly, as always I was debating about my past relationship and resurfaced so many things out of it. Often I am surrounded by people who are so involved to change the world that they actually forget the correct meaning of Gandhi’s quote. It says, be the change. Not; Bring the change. I debated. Bringing change is easier or being the change. I came to the slogan, feel imagine do and share. Devised beautifully but hardly understood in correct order. It says FEEL. One has to feel the urgency and need of the desired change. If I want to see my world pollution free, I need to feel it. Imbibe it in me. Once imbibed, I can imagine the world I want to see and wish to live in. Previously in a lecture at an organisation, I included the some basics of my science  with it. Frequently we teach our students, learning and its basic physiology. During which we cover the aspects of neuronal circuits which transform in our brain as a part of processing the information.  Learning is not gathering pieces of information. Learning is a process which brings behavioural changes in a person (be it for good or bad or just a small motor skill).  And the Feel will generate learning or vice versa. Once learned we don’t need to DO it consciously. It becomes a part of our behaviour and life. Human brain is devised to learn to the farthest skills and can accommodate to new surroundings and conditions. What we need is FEEL. Jumping to Do is in vain or probably it gives a short term response. We wanna change. We gotta feel. FEEL what you wanna be. FEEL what your partner wants from you. Imagine that happiness. DO will automatically come from within. What lefts is Share. And that I need not to tell. I am sharing it too.


One thought on “Be the Change

  1. A good thought.
    Often, when somone doesnt know enough, he ends up being busy with DO, without consciously, mindfully thinking.
    Also, your insight about BE vs BRING the change is excellent. How can someone bring change if he cant be the change himself first,

    I am glad there are people like you who think of these things, and can guide others who want to BE positive change, but dont know how, and so think of DO and BRING, because they dont know how to be.

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