Relationships never lasts and so our conversations. At a lunch table, we argued about the benefits of love, arranged marriage, live-in.  Turned out that everything comes with an expiry period. Arranged marriage may last longer but the charm is lost way before.

We were questioning about the honeymoon period which used to exist in the text books of love and relationship. After three individual stories of ourselves, honeymoon period seems to be getting shorter and shorter. What is honeymoon period? The textbook says, when one feel extremely enthusiastic about a new relationship. I suppose, it’s a period where we tend to overlook the shortcomings and differences between each other. The period where we just sit and tally our likings, hobbies, cuisine, movies, music. Often forgetting the differences and practicalities of life. So what defines the expiry of honeymoon period? Under the high brainstorming, the three of us realised that the lack of later part is an absolute reason for short life. Initially we tend to do things for our partner happily, later we start calling them compromises. Funny isn’t it?

Ah! Enters a fourth story, which is on the verge of extinction from my country yet I see it very near to me. A child marriage. At present both are overgrown but never enjoyed the sucrose of relationship. With growing age, the differences started growing through. A wide difference of education, living standards etc. Whatever the reason, I never heard anything about anything about the relationship and both live far far away. Seems they never had a honey moon period.

From far far away, I just recollected a story. Beautiful yet strange. And yes its seemingly growing in incidence across the world. The cyber relationship. I don’t have any bites to say about this kind of relationship at present but I know, soon the world would be seeing it spreading its tentacles across the web.

Conclusively a love one has a longer honeymoon period followed by live in and arranged. 


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