Few hours back, I received a mail from my weekly tarot registered site. This week’s prediction is a HERMIT card. Few lines, and I am back to introspect myself and others around me. The card says, to differentiate between solitude and loneliness. Ah! the right card for the right moment. After seven years of relationship and heartbreak, it’s the time when I should define loneliness and solitude for me.

Often I and my dearie have the repeated discussion on solitude and its definitions over the same cup of tea at same place and every other Sunday. She believes that solitude for her is a comfortable space where you are at peace   yourself. She always suggest me to inculcate a habit ‘start enjoying your own company’

At present what I can see is, all about Wanted and Unwanted experience of being your own. I say, solitude is something you Want and feel comfortable with while loneliness is an Unwanted experience of being single.

A senior colleague, who perhaps say had sought her solitude at the middle era of her life is now in per se relationship. She still denies that lonely feeling, but I can see that Unwanted space appearing for the one.

My best friend who is again running in his mid fifties always complains of his loneliness and a unabated Want for his love.

I believe, one of the greatest fear we have is being lonely and this fear traps us into unfulfilling or destructive relationship or lead us into pursuing the wrong person just to AVOID being on our own.

Coming to me, I know, I can transform my loneliness into solitude. But I don’t want to achieve solitude or curb into my loneliness.


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