After a seven year itch and a heart broke life, I am trying to look for the escape routes to overcome my saddened heart. Few months ago, I had applied for foreign national universities, I was accepted and promised handsome amount. Yesterday, they buzz me to know my joining date. Within a jiffy I declined the post. What happened? Why did I declined? I am still famished. It was the time of relationship when the hopes of surviving were meagre and coming out of it was not easy. I found an opportunity to run away from all the turmoil through these posts. Today, though I am still hung up between right or wrong, I am looking for another escape way to overcome myself.

Asked a friend, he says, he used to keep himself busy and distracted post break up. He gloated that after break-up his performance chart peaked up. I argued, Do you blame your relationship for the decline or was it an escape mechanism that you over worked afterwards and did well? Unanswered he said, I was so much stressed and troubled that I could not focus on my work. I asked again, so the performance peak you say; was it higher than the one; when you were happily committed. He said NO. It was same. Convinced, this route is a failure.

Another friend of mine left the city, still during whatsapp conversations, he recalls, life is not same pal. Life has become superficial. We think, running away from the surrounding could be the best choice and in that effort we opt to choose whatever comes in the hand without pondering the things left behind.

Another acquaintance at my work place, he constantly complains that he is not satisfied with himself. In an effort to satisfy his urges, he ruined his marriage. He is still unhappy, creeping for new while the older ones are still unlogged. A man who is unsatisfied with himself often fails to provide happiness to others.

I was reading BHAGWAD GITA the other night; I derived, that this shall too pass ONLY if we go through the sufferings. The suffering gives us strength. And the strength gives us time to choose between right or wrong. Impatience turns your mind towards anger, revenge or self destruction.

Question is: What should I choose? Suffering or Escape Route.



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