A friend recently gave me an advice to overcome my heart break, Why don’t you consider of remarriage?



He insisted that a broken relationship can be substituted with a new one.

I kept mum that day.


Later that night I realized that falling in relationship at this moment might not be a right idea.

May be I go on rebound.

 I wanna make sure that before I enter into a relationship, I should be free of all the predisposed saga, I am carrying on my shoulders.

How about a temporary one?

 Nah!! I am not that kind of guy. May be I love the domesticated life but not to an extent where I myself using someone else.

I guess, I already am remarried. Its been a week, I haven’t updated my blog and I was craving to write something and surf. But due to unavailability of internet supply, I was paralyzed. But the feeling is same like I am craving for a weekly sex of a long married life.


Ouch!! What did I say?

 People at present advice me to distract myself with work and stuff so that I don’t have time to think about relationship.

I guess, I had followed it long back. There were days, when we stopped going to restaurants, malls, movies. I was constantly in pain of betrayal and right or wrong of relationship when I started a new relationship.


I started developing a relationship with a virtual world. The world which gave me happiness. The world where I need not to expect, the world where I need not to wait for joint dinner.

And perhaps it was another way around, I might have got out with friends for movie or photography. But my fears never let me go out. One day, when I was out of town for a shoot and was late, I figured out that I was cheated at my back. I decided to stay back. Now what?


This new relationship with my work, blogging, photography never cheated me back. It gave me the security and vows of a relationship.


I might have cheated my partner emotionally as I was busy with my new one. Then, nothing comes from nothing. People cheat to fulfill their needs, I cheated to fulfill mine.


Yes!!! I am MARRIED.


4 thoughts on “Remarriage

  1. I can identify with what you have written. Virtual world is a world where you can seek a solace without any expectations. Virtual world is like a friend in need.

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