In a run to appear on right time to my examination hall, I was having the last sip of my tea when I heard two of my students fighting. Curiously I tried to overhear the conversations. Sounds like the guy was complaining, that the girl doesn’t allow him to touch her in public places or among their friends.

Dragged in my past, I recall incidents when we used to have similar fights for public display of affection. (what we call in short PDA)

I am a kind of person who is basically NO TOUCH ME types. I hardly greet my friends with a hug or any kind of physical touch. While my partner was totally open hearted and always welcoming. The difference often led us to fights, when our friends used to demand us, to kiss on birthdays or anniversaries.

I am confused now, wether it was PDA or a random act of weird stuff.

So what is PDA. Is it a behavioural play where a person gets sexual pleasures demonstrating their love in public or just a show off? A friend of mine is totally into PDA and confesses that he wants to show off his relationship.

I am not averse to PDA nor do I debate on ethical or unethical part of it.

I had a traumatic past, which changed me into a totally different one. I started hiding my pain behind a sensible and sophisticated life style. I now realise that, if one cannot express his pain in public, he nowhere is in a state to show his love either.  

The random act of weirdness: if I was a failure at PDA, it dint stop me to do hilarious or weird sexual stuff in my life. From the bedroom to beaches, from road to middle of river, we had made out. Certainly it gives you a high and kicks of pleasure doing in a restricted society. We used to celebrate Hilarious day, when we first made out in cinema hall to a trial room.

So what is the major difference between PDA and Random act of Weirdness? Basically me, who can be comfortable with later than former.


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