530pm five of us, gossiping over a cup of hot chocolate. One of them gets a call and bid us bye. The moment he left, she said “hey, you know whom he was talking to…………”

And we started gossiping about him. Left three of us, by 630pm we decided to move back to our homes. Randomly it came out of me, Guys do you gossip about me too?

Answer was OFCOURSE!!!! In a wicked smile she said, but at the back.

That night was restless. I called her today morning and asked what kind of gossips they do about me. She smiles, Dear, you are pretty much predictable. I can predict your next move from here. Let me tell you, we always used to speculate about your life. Initially we used to think that you are proudy and self centred and the only reason coming to your house was your partner. But gradually we realised that you keep yourself composed and try to hide your sorrows and secret.


Oh! So now you know about my secrets, so you got the reasons to gossip about me too; I said.

She said, you never revealed your secrets. You always try to wear this mask of sophistication and being nice. I am not saying that you are nice.(cut the crap). But what lead you out, was your partner. We got to know your dirty laundry from there only. What followed is just that, when one is exposed by to the bitter corner, one tends to stop hiding anymore.

Dear lord!! I was terrified.

She jumped, you know, i still think, that you are hiding a lot. And that’s the thing which is not letting you heal. Why don’t you share with us?

I chuckled in my mind “so that you can gossip further”.  I gave two reasons:

  1. What if we decide to patch up? You will get to say; look they were back stabbing each other and then got together again.
  2. I don’t want to look my partner devil and get empathised by you.
  3. My dirty laundry bag supposedly should lie in the dark corner of house only.

I feel pathetic at this moment, but we learn gradually. Recollecting my past, I see that my laundry was already shared way before to people who misused it (one day, i might write about that too, as i got to know about all mess).

Anyways, what I wanna say, that we should keep our secrets tenderly and gently. People might use them. People find them stories and no the characters.


I still continue to be a part of gossip hour. Lips sealed when the bottle is turned towards me : TRUTH OR DARE


One thought on “Gossip hour

  1. It is very very difficult to trust people. And once your trust is betrayed you become all the more cautious in sharing. Only problem in not sharing is that you miss out on good advise from genuine well wishers. But who is well wisher is tough to guess in today’s world !

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