It was a day, when my colleagues gathered to shower their love for a retired faculty. Everyone had some speeches to make, which everyone knew were all scripted.

Later that evening I was little gloomy, a friend of mine said; let’s go for shopping, it will lift up your mood. I said why? He said, that’s what best friends do for each other.

I was stuck with the word BEST. I reviewed myself and found that there are three kinds of friends; Good Better and Excellent.

The good ones, who listen to you as required.

The better ones who throw opinions and suggestions.

And the last Excellent ones, who don’t hesitate to intervene in your lives.

I always complain about the betrayal by my partner. I never knew that there were excellent friends in our lives. Mr. J. who supposedly is an excellent friend of my ex. considered our lives for his best interventions. A detailed research was done on me. Mr J. planted a fake fb profile to rig me (like I am no other than a study personnel of a reality show Emotional Attyachar).

For a year the fake profile tried to connect with me. But I dint show any interest. Well in a weak moment, I gave in. The conversations started as the profile owner is a big fan of my photography. This reluctantly moved to flirting.

Mr. J. got the excellent opportunity. He cut paste the required chat column and showed it to my ex. he wanted to prove that I am no different than others (who betray their partners). His excellence has rotten my life. I am not a experiment rat of their devious mind, where they can play with hypothesis and contrive results.

Previously, I had posted two drafts:

The Great Expectations: A friend of mine, went outstation to attend a marriage, he met his forgotten friends there. On his return, he started demanding things from his partner, he never thought of. He said that my wife doesn’t care enough to involve in my work. I asked him, did you ever think of it previously? He said yes. Which i dint believe in. In further conversation, he told me that his friends are doing much better. Their wives are so and so. That moment I knew what must have happened. Excellent friends are the one who fill the desires and instil the minds of people with their own set of happiness criterion.

Gossip Hour: As I was told that my ex started leaking the secrets from the diary that people started gossiping about us. The better friends showed up with their advices and opinions to me. Yes, I got drove along. It’s a tough task at this hour to identify good and best friends among the better and excellent ones. If I stop sharing, I might lose the chance of right advices and true love. The better friends always have an advice ready before you finish your sentence. They will give their opinions before understanding your needs. They will focus on situation rather than you.

Time is choice and I gotta chose among the Good, Better and Excellent friends.



One thought on “The Good, Better and Excellent friends

  1. Remember, “Friend in need is a friend in deed”, old saying that holds true even today. Toughest task is to select friends. Today, friendships are made and broken on the smallest issues. It is so difficult to find out who is your genuine well wisher. People make friendship with ulterior motives and promise death do us part and forget the pact moment their motive is achieved. When you share a secret with your friend, intention is to get correct advise, to get a solace in case of difficult circumstances, get a shoulder to cry upon without question. Friend has to be good, better and best all rolled into one. A rarity in today’s world.

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