Act of service or Revenge:

Few days back, I was shot with the question: Do you want revenge for whatever happened with you?

For a minute I kept mum. He knew that I don’t want to talk about it anymore so the conversation went off to recent political scene. Later that night, I was pondering, if I want a revenge or look for it. Am I a revenge person?

I have been working on this book called Five love languages by Gary Chapman. I have been reading it off and on for the last three years. It talks about the various languages in which we express our love towards our partner. I had deduced this long back, that my love language is Act of service. I am not a verbal person but I can do nth things for my partner.

In past three years, I had been charged by my partner that I take revenge and I had always slashed those beliefs with my bitter tone of words. Somehow I understood it now, that it was deficit in understanding part for both of us. Stating an example, I used to prepare lunch pack (for work) for my partner which I gradually stopped in later stages of relationship.

What interpretated was that out of REVENGE I had stopped preparing lunch or milk in the morning. No matter how hard I try to convince that it was not an act of revenge.

Today, I see that it was dying love. I was unable to express my love language. It was out of love I used to prepare a lunch pack every busy morning. As that love died, I stopped from within.

Coming to Revenge, I don’t think I am a revenge person. Yes I have cursed in my weirdest dreams I regret of. But an act of Revenge never occurred to me. May be, time to find out my language to express REVENGE.


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