In an unattended conversation with my friend who is looking for the old days to come back in his life, I too travelled back in my happy days.

I wish there was a button to refresh your life and in a jiffy, all would have been normal. Recently, a beautiful couple who used to live in my block got married, I guess they must have seen each other for more than 8 years and were living together. I wonder, what was the need to marry now, after 8 years of live-in relationship. May be Marriage is a refresh click to worn out love and affection.

People celebrate their 25th marriage anniversaries, no matter how hard their marriage is suffering. But a day celebration atleast refreshes the love for another few months.

What happened with me? Yes! We dint go for marriage (as our marriage won’t be recognised), we dint cross the period of 25 years altogether. Then how should I refresh my love?

A friend long back had stated that a child often give reasons to survive a relationship. Might be true! Though I find it vice-versa. A child often becomes a reason to sustain a bitter, non fruitful relationship. Well time has clicked past, we could not bear a child, as we were kids enough, struggling to stabilise with the norms of society and career.

In a different window of my lappy, I am googling various ways to refresh our relationships. Seems, they hardly work and out of zillion stupid suggestions, we had already tried millions. And I am still in a quest to bounce back to normal days of my life. I guess, the real quest is to find the button of “Click To Refresh”.


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