Festival of Marriage:

It seems people around me have sniffed some kind of magic potion. Every ass is getting married. Be it my brother or two of my besties. Am I envy? I guess YES!

It’s been 7 months to my break-up and my family isn’t aware of it. In a cliché, they never approved my relationship till the omens of fate changed. The owls started flocking with the messages of love and care as my family started recognising us. My father asked me to bring my partner along for my brother’s marriage ceremony. For first I was speechless. Guess, it was a mixed reaction. Happy that he finally accepted us and Sad I already lost. In a weird instance I got to lie for the absence.

Later on when I was returning, he packed me boxes of sweets. He asked if I should carry some sweets which my partner likes. I told him to avoid further discussion. And now my kitchen is full of two kgs of ladoos.

As I came back, my best friend shot me with the news that she is getting married in another two days. For last two days, we have been shopping crazily.

Aditya asked me;  “ Puneet, how do you handle this shopping thingy and marriage stuff”. I wanted to reply, but I let go the dialogue by saying that I love to help my friends.

In this moment of solitude I only know, how painful it is. My younger brother got married; my friends are all set to leave me behind.

Do I regret the breakup? Yes! I do.

Helping my friends is an excuse. Perhaps somewhere in my tiny world, I am living my dreams in their marriages.

It’s not the festival of marriage, but the festive of fears of lying alone in this rotten bed.


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