Tragedy of the Ocean

I call it satire that in my immediate circle or work area I am the only one left unmarried. People keep flocking with the questions bringing pique to no end. Recently at a marriage ceremony someone said, now you should get married by next season. My maa came to rescue but for no avails. They find me this suitable boy every girl can dream of (ha! Self boasting). Since the Indian men don’t like to enter in kitchen and cook, makes me far better match for my future bride as I can cook for her. Recently my maa was giving my introduction to the in-laws of my brother. What tickled me was that she said, I have never seen Puneet getting angry. My Aunt who was overhearing the conversation shouted back at her, he is perfect, get him married soon.

I wish I could marry someday too. But it’s an ocean’s tragedy that being vast and open one can hardly sip a drop of water. Similarly I may love everyone but can’t give my love to everyone. Stuck with the one I am tangled to the fortune of being a useless ocean.


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