Being Almost:

How love makes you insane is only realized when it’s too late. Well said that love is capable to turn one blind. I had seen this coming for last three years; I had seen that I will be betrayed again and again. I knew that it won’t work in a long run. Yet I tried to sustain. What made me stay was the faith that time might change its course. As I always say, my faith was tested time and again. It was shaken, shattered and restored. Restored to what level? Almost!!

Yeah! Almost is just an elegant way to say incomplete. I believed in your words every time you betrayed me. I believed that we could survive this. But your promises almost touched the truth. The almost truth always carry the doubts. And when doubts are there, there exist fear. The fear of losing your love.

In the end of story I lost you completely and almost me. What remains is a damaged piece who almost believes that there might be happy days ahead.  

I was completely yours while you been almost mine.


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