Just say it:

We often lie in our daily life. And sometimes to escape from a lie, thousand lies are not enough. There were days when I was all ears to listen that one truth which made you lie again and again. To hide one simple lie I was backfired, I was made guilty of all the circumstances for your misdeeds. You knew it from the very first day that you are at fault. What you did was; unleashed your lies against my truth. I was told that I am fat; I am not adventurous enough and blah! I worked and worked to make it succeed. I failed; as somehow I knew; truth is fabricated. The truth which had to be told aloud.

I see people lie to avoid hurting someone. But sometimes your lies hurt more than the truth. Being humans we are bound to react to every situation. How about a rage when you say the truth rather than constant agitation and anger for your lies. I used to live with constant watch over your actions and lies. In that state, a tiny speckle of doubt was enough for me to misbehave. You see, you tried to please me in an effort to hide your lies when I just wanted to deal with your truth. What happened in the end? We got tired with each other. You in pleasing me and I competing with Hiren.

The truth is miserable. It makes one miserable. But the lie is equally fatal like that scorpion sting which leaves you paralyzed forever. The truth has to be told and verse aloud. So whatever it is JUST SAY IT.


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