After a relationship, we often (or our friends) try to count the pros and cons of the years spent together in. It’s a simple way to console oneself; if the cons are far more than pros, we know it was a right decision to break up.

In a similar effort my friends keep telling me that you should be happy for owing a new apartment. They keep cherishing the fact that this is my own house and now no one can dump me out in shivering cold winters. They keep telling me the benefits of buying your own apartment.

Least I can tell them that this house gives me a feeling of utter abandonment. Against their so many perky logics I have my own say.

5 things this house does not have yet:

  1. A dark night when the only sound you hear is the snores of a head on your arm.
  2. The living room which gets filled with the mist of deodorant when the wardrobe light is on.
  3. A kitchen which is always full of left over, corn, noodles, lemons, egg, cheese and bread.
  4.  Study room with a collection of souvenirs tucked in the soft board, list of   things to do; written on the white board.
  5. Washroom with wet foot prints coming out of it and the wet towel lying on the bed.


This apartment yet needs to be housed. Till then it’s abandoned with an abandoned heart.



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