I believe in actions more than words

I am not much of a verbal person. I can’t express my love with verbal words. Be it my anger or love. I hardly speak out. Yet I am an expressive person. I speak through my actions. I remember nights when I used to stand in my balcony and in an instant, my partner would know that I am disturbed somewhere. That means I do express.

What amazes me is the fact that I could not comfort my partner that my love is solely and solemnly devoted to the one and only one. I deduce now that we were two different species who were unable to communicate in the languages we were bestowed. When the communication fails, we lose the contact. The irony of new world, maintain the communications to maintain the network. And I failed at my abode to start with.

In a relationship, one has to express his love towards his partner. No matter if you are celebrating your golden anniversary, you still want to hear those three words. Words give a comfort, a security, assurance and affirmation.

Ironically I never believed in the words of my partner. I always doubted if they are the same words my partner has said to others as well. The lechery never let me felt secured. Could it be possible that those words were a perfect collage to hide the vices of soul?

Coming to me, I am learning gradually to express myself with words or texts. Though recently I met an ugly incident. But I now understand how important it is to express verbally. That’s what sound frequency is meant for.

Pros or cons, your actions are more honest than your words. Mind it!!


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