25th hour

Life at present seems to be jiving between past and present. Either it’s me who is reluctant to see past my present or the future really doesn’t have anything to offer. Stuck with retrospection, I hardly get time to evaluate the possibilities of life.

Friends say that I should move on and think seriously about myself. I feel the same at this hour. So I started calling it 25th hour, which would exclusively define me and stretch me to explore the tunnel of life.

Question stands: What do I want in life?  If I say peace, then it would be an utter lie. I guess, a new ambition, new agenda should be charted on the slate. Ah! I have time to finish the targets of others but rarely do I feel stimulated to finish my pending paper work.

Let’s keep this 25th hour of the day for self motivation. Time to promise, I will dedicatedly sit and plan out for new ambitions. Living in present could be luxury but crashing in future is bravery.

Task 1:

Find out all the overseas opportunities available.

Till then



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