Exploring mental faculties


It has become a pattern for me that every year I engage to develop new creative faculty for the mental being. I am thankful to the one who pushed me beyond my routine 9am to 5pm job and be productive in life. So far in last few years, I have started photography, cooking, poetry, blogging, creative writing.

This year Charu (my lil sister who is a choreographer) insisted that I should join ball room classes at her academy. After much reluctance I decided to jump in the broth. Being a medical student, I always try to explore things based on the mental capabilities and functionality of brain.

At level 2 of my salsa class, I have started developing a phobia for dance. As its getting technically difficult, I am finding it challenging for myself to stick with it.

 Later I realise that dance is a creative learning in which whole of the brain is involved. Let’s analyse

I have to focus on beats and rhythm: my hearing faculties are active

I have look at my dance partner, give her a smile, and admire her beauty: Visual senses are active

I have remember my steps and try to perfect them: learning capabilities and sensory centre is active

I have to use left side of my body (which is routinely not active) and learn to keep my limbs in correct posture and space: my motor system and cerebellum is highly active

I have to swirl on the ball of my feet: balancing in space has to be done.

Salsa being a men’s dance, I have to constantly think of my next step to lead my lady: creative areas are functioning.

Haash! It seems whole of my brain is stimulated while I tap on her beats. She does it with such ease and perfection that I marvel her beauty. Awestruck, I am still subconsciously murmuring,  Tap 2 3 4….



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