Debacle of Dharma and Adharma (right v/s wrong)

As I read more into the depth of Bhagwat Gita , a more confused and whirlpool of questions arise in my mind. I guess, as the book says in the beginning, I am yet not ready to receive the universal truth.

Yet I decided to pen down some of my arguments in a quest to its resolution.

Chapter 1 says: the who doesn’t follow the dharma must be devastated to re-establish new seedlings of dharma.

My arguments:

  1. How should I decide whether its dharma or adharma? The book doesn’t specify the rules of dharma for the mankind yet it wants one to follow them. Then where should I look for them? Are they the same rules which our society has formed and transformed as per the need of time?


I don’t have thousand examples to cite. Let me take my example: my partner’s lechery and infidelity is a dharma or adharma?  How should I decide? For me it is totally indigenous, but for the well researched psychologists, it is out of reach for the human control those who are inbuilt to practice polygamy.

So whom should I consider? Me or my partner’s lethargic reasons.


  1. Devastation of adharma: how should I decide the devastation of adharma? At what basis should I think that I am following dharma and should demolish the opposite? May be I am equally flecking for my dharma or  promoting his adharma.

How should I punish? I can’t kill the person. Won’t it be another adharma? Then what is the set point of punishment?

I remember in my school days, teacher used to punish by various ways; detention, 10 rounds of ground etc. I don’t find any such subset of punishment in the book.


Wether I am on the side of dharma or adharma, I am not bestowed with the power to punish other in a hope to re-establish what is correct. Isn’t it the paradox that in further chapters of the book, I am supposed to discharge my duties without an expectation of reward?

If I follow chapter 1 and demolish the adharma in a hope to vitalise it, I fail to pursue my Karmayog. 


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