The Importance of ‘Being Important’


The vast ocean hardly gets the remuneration for feeding the rivers which flow through our veins. The importance of an ocean is lost in the fact that the salinity of its water fails to quench the thirst. But isn’t it the same water which gives birth to the rivers, whose sweet water is the source for the origin of a new civilization


My partner used to hammer me time and again that this relationship won’t work if I will ignore the importance of relationship. Here I call it importance of being important. I remember, in an attempt to overrule those complains, I had made notes and stick post-its on my walls to remind myself the importance of presence of the important person in my life.


The metaphor of the ocean is so much akin to my life. The infidelity of my partner was like the salinity of the ocean. No matter how hard ocean tries to overrun the miles of land, it will leave only the salt. The salt will turn the land infertile and barren of emotions.

The ocean may not understand but at the sunset, ocean always tries to remind us its importance.


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