Let me write for you:

This is going to be a special day for you. Somewhere you must be celebrating something special with someone special.
I am left with no ragas and songs for you. The songs I have sung in years had been irritating for you but I hardly remember them now. The photographs I clicked are turning from sepia to dull. I have no oven to bake a cake for the celebration.
Yet I remember the day and date.
But I got to do something, be it for me or you. Let me write for you!!
I still possess some un-posted letters for you. Some labelled, some un-pasted. Some letters yet to be completed. But they all are neatly stacked in my memory vault. The fifth letter of the first year, when for the first time you called my name. I clearly remember that night when you dropped me to my place and waved me good night. It was our fifth hangout and we hadn’t called each other’s name, even for once. I was climbing for my street when you suddenly called my name. It was the first time you called me by my name and I looked back at you. You were as beautiful as you still are. Yes, those funny glasses are gone and one can see your twinkling eyes directly.
In a relationship, we often call names for our partner, be it bunny, teddy, baby, dearie, lovey-dovey etc. Often we rename our partner from time to time. Calling names is often an expression of love. I remember my friend referring his partner as “my darling said”, instantly I knew whom it is meant for.
Sometimes the name we use are poetic, romantic, cute or xyz. But they kind of, define the character and behaviour of our partner. They often display our outlook towards our partner. My friend calls her partner as teddy, I asked her, why in the world you chose such a stupid common name. She shyly answered, He is so cute, chubby and kid that I always feel like hugging him and keep in my arms. She gave me a full thousand word description and I was left with nothing more than, Aw!! He is such a teddy.
In my seven years of relationship, I used different names for my partner and they used to change with the passing time and the way my partner behaviour changed towards me. I remember I used to change the name in my cell phone contacts as what I felt that time for my partner. Post our break-up I changed the contact name with the original name. Recently when my phone broke-up, I temporarily used my old one, I was amazed to find that it read “…… awesome” for my ex.
Similarly I was once named “Bree of Desperate housewives”, in a specific time of our relationship, when we were watching the series together, since I used to keep the house clean similar to Bree of the series. Nonetheless, I don’t remember the other names given as I remember the day when you called my name for the first time.
We name those, whom we own. We call their names whom we love or hate. That was the moment of love, when you call my name. Let me write you a letter, for the moment when you call my name.
Let me post this letter, this time with your name



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