The idea of a perfect date is as perfect as the imagination of clear sky; full of shining stars from the terrace of my apartment. Last night,it could have been better.but as the city is always hazed in the cloud of pollution, my mind is equally enveloped with you. It seems you never departed from me. your memory is as fresh as your smell lingering in my dreams.
last night, I woke up in the middle of sleep. I could not get back to it. So after some trials, i switched on the television set. I don’t remember what I watched last night except that I was thinking about our first date.
It was almost a perfect date, except when we were supposed to kiss our good byes, I felt this terrible pain in my back and rushed back to my home. next morning, i was suspected suffering from chikunguniya. It was as perfect evening we spent many times over the years. But as they say, the first one always leave a mark.
the first love can neither be substituted, replaced or found again. In the search, I visited the same corners of city every evening looking for new threads of the ties. but all went in-vain. you are woven in me like warp with weft.
Its almost the same hour as yesterday,and I am fully awake. I am watching this series on my television set when this girl is describing her first perfect date to another.My incoherent mind went back to rejoice the memory of our first date again. and I am again lost in the freshness of that evening.
Indeed it was my perfect date.


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