We often buy our vehicle based on its mileage. we look for the warranty and guarantee of the products we sought in market. Yes!! subconsciously we also calculate the mileage of a prospective relationship.

last night, it was a random call, and my friend rushed to his house. later that night, he showed up back. it seemed like he was stomped badly. after a beverage, he started crying and told me the happenings of his night.
The incident was not that worrisome as he himself was. after being in a bad-relationship, he was coping up gradually when he started liking this girl. It sounded the girl is quite nice and nurturing. But as they say, once bitten, twice shy. My friend is passing through similar phase, he kinda like this girl but is afraid to fall-in for her. the whole night he was talking about her and his previous one. how the two are different altogether.
I gave him an exercise, to write down all the goods and bads about this new relationship. after almost half an hour (i was almost in quarter sleep) he pronounced his list. there were plenty in goods and just one sentence in bads column. “I am scared, that it might not work”. I asked him to elaborate his fears, he stated, that now he wants to fall in a relationship, where the girl has already set a career, one who is almost of his age, one without emotional baggage etc.
Indeed, i agreed to his points. and as a gesture of being a good friend, I nodded to his pre-conceived calculations. I then knew, what he was then saying, was a story of my own kind.
We all are worried about the mileage of survivals. we want good things to last and bad times to pass.


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