We all have this feeling, lying somewhere deep inside our guts. Sometimes we are unaware of it and often we tend to ignore the hearing. But when we start acknowledging its very existence, this new sense becomes a guiding force for life. They call it the sixth sense or intuition.

In medicine, my professor told me that if we start focusing on one particular sense, that sensation starts dominating other parts of our cerebral cortex.

What happens if, your sixth sense starts dominating your life?

In an argument, my friend told me that I am no less than a canine whose olfaction dominates his lifestyle. But then, I am not a canine. Then, who am I? May be the one whose intuitions led him from paranoia to delusional?

In later years of relationship, when I started having these strong intuitions that I am being getting betrayed, I found out that these feelings altogether stood nowhere but a universal truth. I started relying on them to an extent that my brain stopped hearing the voice of my heart. Yes! My sixth sense started dominating my auditory and visual areas. I could foresee the lies hidden in the excuses and reasoning of my partner. I became paranoid about my partner’s behaviour and ongoing.

After almost couple of years of our split, I no more get those intuitions. Have I got blind? Is it like losing one of your special sense?

Nah!! I realise that this sense has started dominating my other senses so much that, I lost the real perception of life. My counsellor’s pad reads me a patient of delusion. There are no more intuitions, I am not paranoid of anyone’s action. But something has changed my outlook towards life and other people. I can’t trust anyone now, be they good or bad. I try to see the reasons behind their deeds. My resilience to forgive and forget is lost. I am a changed person. Stone or wood, I still have to find. But my intuitions have definitely made me delusional. No matter how hard my counsellor tries to contradict me, I still believe he is labelling me delusional for his fee.


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