How should I compose?
A composition is something, which is acceptable to eyes. A composition is good, when its flows well with the mood, without any jerks and abrupt. A composition is visually appealing creativity of words, photograph or a sketch. Last night I was given the task of composing my love in an extempore. I argued that I can’t compose my love in words. Suggestions started overflowing, likewise, say the things you admired in your partner, describe the beauty of your partner, what were the things which used to spike your love and so on…
I could not agree more. I can never point the reasons; me loving my partner. It’s hard for me to find the characteristics which can describe my love towards my partner. I was never attracted to the beauty, physical appearances, achievements, financial status or any attribute of my partner. Then what was it, which kept us binding for a long?
I still can’t figure. BUT I presume, it was happy feeling which bound me in the relationship. We find or try to find our abode in happiness. And so did me. It was a happy home quite similar to heaven. There are memories of daily soaps being watched on laptop with stammering crackles of laughter, there are memories of cinnamon muffins and banana shakes, memories of tiny hands playing with my tussles, memories of hassles, brawls, broken windows and then lingering of beautiful draperies and bed-sheets. There are memories which are still alive, fresh as garden blossoms helping me to survive over.
When I think of them, the whole cinematic reels runs through my eyes from the day when you first called my name to the day you dropped me off.
Nah!! I still can’t compose you in words because composing you in words will swipe away my memories. I can’t compose you in my words or photograph, they won’t be as delightful as my memories. I can’t compose you as it’s not acceptable to me.


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