I never went to her, she just took me there
To the dark creches, she had woven
Her winter nectar, so insane, rushing through my spine
Convulsive, contouring, creeping

I asked her, again and again
If I’d be safe, but her words, incoherent and rave
Her passion, so engraved,giving me reasons to sustain
I followed her to the dark, eerie forest

She called me names, not ever the same
I was terrified, blind but intend
Her skin moist and wet ; there and then
She was there, who disappeared into the tree.


2 thoughts on “The woman who disappeared into the tree

  1. Beautifully structured into words! I’ve written a few poetic attempts myself. I hope you read them and give me advice. I hope to be better in writing šŸ™‚

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