Terrible Two Sticks Together

Terrible two sticks together

Life gives you two choices, accept or reject. We accept the choices brimmed with happiness and reject the terrible ones.
But do the happy choices lasts long or the terrible ones stick hold?

In a race to find happiness I often see myself chasing people who are seemingly happier than me. I chase their name, fame or social status. At the same time, they like to cheer my company over the beer or smoke. Everything is a joy ride till ecstasy wears off.

Reality check comes when something blows down. Incidentally one of my such friend fall sick.
While he was chasing the happiness, I was busy seeking sanity in my life. In that battle, we lost each other and the friendship could not sustain. I was at my terrible end when he was sniffing weed. He was an enigma between his new friends. he was a new social icon and intellect for people.
Earlier a morning, I got this sudden call, stating that he has fallen sick. I gave a quick visit to him as I was already late for my work. I was amidst of my drive, when I could not resist myself wondering,”what made him give me a call after so many years of non-communication”.
In same day, I got several calls mentioning how sick he was. His fever never touched the baseline through out the day.
On my way back, I visited him again. And he told me that how he spent his whole day feeling miserable and taking care of himself.
It was out of reflex, that i asked him, “Where are your friends, you could have asked somebody to stay with you”.
he said, ” i could not think of anyone”.

Later that night, I was rolling in my bed pondering, if I am the only terrible person he knew; who could visit him as Happy people never look back. Is this the sanity of life where the terrible sticks together and happy ones move on. Or is it like, Move on and be happy else sticking will make you Terrible.
Choice is again ours; Stick or Move-on !


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