The Idea of a perfect wedding or a perfect marriage:

I was juggling with the intricacies of my work when my colleague announced, “Listen, you got to help me plan my wedding anniversary. It’s our tenth marriage anniversary and I want to recite all the vows I had never got to chant during my wedding.”
Since last three years she has been my idol when it comes to relationship. She is a perfect wife, who works, take care of kids and runs the house chores. Her husband keeps travelling across the country for work projects. Whatever time they manage together, they live it enormously. Three days back she was telling me, that every time she sees her love of life, the unending joy fills her heart. I asked her, “Doesn’t distance matter to you? He keeps travelling to and fro and spends hardly a week every month with you and kids”.
She gently pat on my hand resting on the table, “Just a few more months, then we will be able to save enough for a new start-up. Sometimes it’s very hard to live without him, but his love is enough to rekindle my life”.
She got married ten years back in a quick run away fashion. Her parents were not agreeing with the boy’s background and financial status. So they decided to go bound together in a simple court marriage among four witnesses. Since then she has never been in touch with her parents.
Perhaps her parents were right at their place but her true love itself is an inspiration. Love may be an illusion to some. People tend to fall in love with multiple partners at the same time. But the love is right when everything is left behind. She chose her love over the status, religion or luxury.
After the work that day, we went to her house for the anniversary planning. She was hyper-excited with the idea that she can now manage to have a small gathering of her loved ones and have a wedding with the same guy.
In between the conversation, she took out this fashion magazine filled with all the gossip of uber class people. She cited me the article on the lavish destination wedding thrown by the minister for their kids. The wedding had a guest list of five thousand people, five day celebration ranging from pool party to gala reception. The column had the detailed description of multi-crore expenses made on wedding. The column was well covered with the details of menu served to the fashion parade. My colleague had already done some homework last night on the article and inscripted an underline on the desirable needs fitting in her budget.
She asked me to go through the underline tablets and see if something can be worked out of them. I could not resist myself reading the full column. The column had the juicy details of the wedding ceremony as it lasts with the bold text “Our diarist has got the news from the internal sources that the couple has already filed a divorce. The seven month marriage is going through an itch”.
Later that day, I could not stop thinking, the debacle of a perfect wedding or a perfect marriage kept haunting my silent home.
Sometimes it takes more effort to make a perfect marriage than a perfect wedding.


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