I know it’s the last breath I am trying to hold. The last moment for my body is convulsing, for that last glimpse which could last with me in my peace. My eyes starved more than my lungs could bear the hunger for lasting air. In that hold, I can close my eyes and revisit all those happy days I spent with you. But this time, I don’t want to cheat with myself. That’s the game I have played with my body for three years awaiting for you.
In this moment, I want to leave my last breath on the side of your neck, nibbling it with my nose. I know that the nibble and warm breath gives you goose bumps. May be if I could get another half breath, I will lick that smell which savours out after that nose rub.
I wish there was a drug similar to undo the lost lust which could resuscitate my love in your heart. I wish people could find a drug to rejuvenate love in old hearts than broken hearts. Love may be; is a magic potion which comes with its side effects. First it takes you off sleep making you insomniacs for ages; then like those chemotherapeutic drugs taken for years, it brings the gradual sedation.
I am sad, that I am missing the chance to see you again once last time, but I am happy for that love has finally come with a long sedative effect…


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