He was just out of his late slumber, when the thunder thought of his barren life struck his soul embarking the nightmare of dying alone. He could bounce off the bed like any other day rushing to his work, but he laid frozen in his loner bed, drowned in his poor thoughts. “What made him stayed in there, when he was no more hers”. The thought was running like a disc playing again and again. He had no answer to the question which was raging to makes its grave somewhere in his brain. At that instance, His cell phone buzzes and he checks his text. After a few minutes of text checks and mails,he checked her last Whatsapp status, it had a new display pic with a new guy in her life. His heart crushed in a severe boring pain with the fragmented imagination of their kindled love. In that pain, he thought of texting her, but he gave up the idea of bothering her with his lonesome life and smothering breathes. He put the phone underneath his pillow and smiled, he might never know the answer of what made him stayed in that one sided relationship for three years but he knows, what keeps him out of going back in there. It’s her new muse who keeps him out. He is not scared, jealous or envy her muse but thankful to the fact that it keeps him out. 


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