Often we complicate our lives and dare say,later we fall in the victim zone. We demand too much from ourselves and there say life. The overdrive of being ambitious and achieving success holds the key of real happiness. In achieving our own ambitions, we ignore to reckon the lives getting affected by our own stigma.

Life was simpler, till it was revolving on its own axis. No wonder, the earth never gets tired as it just rotates on his axis. The multitude of various axis of multitasking is way more complicated than the vector analysis taught in the high-school.

In my simpler aspects, I am trying to condition myself to maintain the calm even when the tide is at ebb. As the year is passing,I am recollecting my success stories and the dormant leanings which should successively be a habituation.

1. Forgive the past, but refrain from abandoning it. Its the past which has made you mature, learned and skilled. Accept the mistakes, apologize for the foul and garnish the beautiful received.

2. Take a break: take a break from overthinking, over-analyzing the past, present and future. The calculations are preset and pre-written with the destiny. How about just keep working and enjoy the journey. Sometimes the window seat has its own perks.

3. Easy on the ambitious side: My professor often says, pursue arts for the pursuit of happiness. but my consumerist conscience overwhelms my creative behind. Be easy on your ambitions. enjoy your creativity, if the people start appreciating it, consider it your own success. Travel as much possible and write whatever bewilders amygdala.

4. LOVE: Love as much as you can. You, yourself and thy who strives beneath you. Love never comes with a guarantee but a definite expiry.


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