Sometimes the truth erupts like a volcano from the buried lies and it brings the pain as fresh as the levicorpus. Random thoughts start clogging the mind.Voices of various notes start hitting within,as if they want to scream and come out of it. In then there is this voice, which is very distinct and you know, it sounds like yours. You want to hear it and say to it back. In that attempt, the body looses its touch to the reality. There is this thin line between sanity and going insane. All I seek is a hide out to escape the narrow lanes of pessimism and disputes of lonesome heart.


The shirt which still smells of bare chest hanging to the tiny hanger with the earthen fervor of body eloped in the cloth lies in my closet for these lonely moments when closet becomes the only hideout. I stay naked,barren with love in the dark wooden chamber for a while till the breath becomes heavy enough to soak me in my own sweat. the warmth of the shirt calms me from the shivers of broken heart and the life regresses to the trade.


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