As the light goes off, and I am laying alone in my bed. It’s the perfect pitch black dark when my demons come out of their skin. The silence which keeps me awake far away from the single slumber wink, sinks with in the hollow sanity of my thoughts. I lay bare as the thoughts run faster than the speed of light from past to present and back ways. In that moment I question myself, “why is this happening to me”.

The moment passed unanswered, as deep within I knew the same motion has set in. Its the absence of the presence of the unloaded figure next to me I used to find every midnight in forgotten days.

I try hard. I try harder to block the slide show of those running thoughts. but the efforts go in-vain. After few hours of constant struggle with myself I give up. and the answer belongs to me.

I am in love. I am still in love with the incredible past._MG_1390.jpg


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