Recently it is in vogue to re-take and re-live the vows of marriage after certain years of married live. Couples are seen celebrating their decade, silvers with ceremonial vows of relationship. I wonder, what keeps them sticking together. Is it that, they are bound to stick-in for social cause or they really feel opt-out?

As an Indian, I was raised with the fact that the terrible twos in a marriage has and have to stick together even if the marriage falls apart. But it didn’t work for me. With the fall of marriage, the boundary of social norms also disappeared and  the chained mind found their lost freedom.

After several years of the failed marriage, I still feel stuck to it and moving on seems a non-existent entity totally. I ask myself, If moving on really exist? or is it a forever kind of love we have read in classic cliche stories.

How is it that my ‘ex’ moved on and I am not?

With time we change and so the definitions of our love. The love which was pure and divine lost its charm with the friction of work and lust of achievements. The failures got loaded on the affection and love became it self a compromise. It took a heavy troll on both of us and the foundation of relationship got weaned. there was a point of time when I wanted to be out of the pact and live apart. for considerable part of time, peace prevailed post break-up.

Yet, I am not able to enjoy that freedom to the fullest, as if I am still chained to the past and an unseen boundary holds me to look beyond a myopic eye. I wonder if “Moving on exists post a fall-out relationship”.

I searched for the actual meaning of moving-on on the internet. After a dedicated research I concluded that its a strategic term used by love gurus to handle the break up agonies and help people to fall in love again.

Do I want to fall-in love again? If I do, be it with a same person or the new silhouette. I guess a new face will be as utilitarian as the love would be. Better, I stick with my terrible one

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