It’s that 25th hour of the day, when nothing burns more inside than a lost soul. They say that, it’s the darkest hour of the night when the demons of a burnt soul arise from the ashes. I lay awake dazed to my painful betrayed past who reckons to leave me as a tied curse.

It’s the hate which can be won over; it’s the revenge which can be served ever but what can you do when you burn in love. What good can overcome a hurt in love?

Perhaps!! Some more love.

Every night, as the clock strikes  3.33 am and my un-rested soul creeps  for more. Like hunger, my body craves for the weight of another being, my mind starves for it’s another kind and I lie unmoved waiting for a half touch to wake me back to senses. But the minute pass, as convulsively as it comes, leaving me lost in my slumber and agony, with a promise to return again.


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