She asked me, “what is humanity in motion”? 

I knew, it was the moment when I should have kissed her gently on her lips and told her what is in my heart. Instead I drew her near my chest, swiftly nibbling on her neck, I went high to her right ear lobe exhaling like a last breath. I went down caressing her honey hair with in the webs of my entangled fingers. Her smell like the breeze of fresh oranges on the spring blossom aroused me intently,bringing me closer to her lean figure. I wanted to linger the fervour of her curved neck when she suddenly hushed me back! 

“I wanted to know the humanity in motion not the poetry in motion”, she shrugged away, taking her neck back to herself. 

I smiled, “if you had surrendered to my love, it’s humanity in motion”. 

She pushed me aside, “you dog”.         


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