I was a passionate lover or may be a possessive one too. I have no calms in saying that I want exclusive love from my partner.  I don’t fit into the typical possessive type of guy who keeps tab on the every movement of his partner but definitely I cant share my bed with third person.  I was insecure during the days of my relationship. There was always an unseen fear of losing it when I could see the love in thy eyes. The farther the turbulence of relationship turned, the more insecure I became. And a day came, when I chose to relieve myself from this creeping fear which lied underneath me all the time, turning me into a rude monster who was no more a humble human.

Years went past that day but the insecurities never left me. Initially there were insecurities regarding a permanent roof over the head. Thereafter the financial instability never left the calculative area of my forehead. Today, things are pretty settled and clear. I am living a life I had imagined in my youth. But, did insecurities abandoned me?


They have a permanent abode in my soul. They reap on my happiness turning them into fear and foul. I have these visions of dying alone in my home with a door closed from inside. I have this fear of falling sick with no body there tending me. I have this fear of hopeless emptiness in the vague happiness of worldly luxury.

Is their a cure for these insecurities which hid inside me? Or I am the chest of insecurities which should soon be buried six feet under the ground.


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