I thought I had given myself another chance but it seems life has no second option for me. Lat night, I had this vision of me running through a large and dark tunnel. It was humid, horrid and scary. I was running as fast as possible. The tunnel led me to a barren lane. The lane was narrow and noisy with haunting voices of my past. I could not see anything much apart that there were plenty of doors. More doors everywhere and closed from inside. I called for names. I knocked every other door before the walls started crumbling.

My heart started pounding as if i was alive. In that head rush, I started running as fast as possible. I was gathering all my energy in search of way out but the lane was endless and the doors all closed. In midst of escape thoughts, I realized that I ran past to an open window. I stood still to catch my breath and process, “Was there a window or should I look forth for an open door?”

My heart was counting the pros of walking ahead when i chose to opt for the window. I started running backwards in search of the open window thinking of a plan B through the window. But I could not locate the window. I knew I had seen it. It was open with a clear sky through it. i started panicking, if i missed my window. I started running across the lane but all in-vain.

I woke up past midnight with the nightmare exhausting me through the core. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of night wondering if I really missed my “Window”. What if second chance never exists? Would I be lost in the lane or a right door is waiting for my knock?


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