Am I enough beloved? I asked the night.

The night was pretentious but the argument went right.

It was a movie night, when few of us gathered to watch the sequel of fifty shades of grey. Let me finish my viewpoint, fifty shades darker is much better conceived than the prequel.

Post movie, I was almost in tears and overjoyed with warm heart full of romance and love saga. When the boyfriend blurted, “you are like one of kind, as my girlfriend chews the button for Grey, you are none the less same”.

I smiled back.

Reluctantly he continued his version,“ I don’t understand this bull crap, these women love Christian Grey for his deeds and when I try to convince them for same kinky fuckry, they fail to reckon. I mean, many times I have heard her talking about the book and his fantasies but when I want to try those same with her, she finds me opportunistic and vulgar. What the mess”?

I could not control my riot of laughter as my imagination runs faster than the vocals of speaker. While he was narrating his anger, I was having these funny visions of this fat man making out with his girlfriend.

“Well” I tried to compose myself. “It’s the perspective of a viewer which talks the ill or good. If you could see through my point of view, you will see the power of true love over-riding the dark desires of a cult. The genre of the book or film may be erotica but underneath lays an immortal victory of love over hate. It’s the pure love of Anastasia who can subdue the dark fantasies of her lover. When it comes to the movie or book, I see the hope. A hope of true love overcoming the flaws of a partner and accepting the way it is. The true love holds the power to change the wrong to right and dark to light.”

He smirked back at me, “So why didn’t it work for you?”  I had no answer of the yore. Yet I acknowledged the question.


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