There is an undying need, edging in me. The battle of foster thoughts blowing the fireworks at personal stand. A constant urge to believe in something I chose to abandon.  Easily, she asked me if life could be upside down. While I would love the idea of turning it around. 

There were struggles in the past. It was never that smooth I wish it could be. But I came out of it strong enough to lay back on my beach chair and cherish it with a puddle of white wine.  

Do I want it to turn upside down??? 

Nah!! May be I want to re-live that period. May be I want to hold the hands again and walk with him on the lanes of city. May be I want to hear the crackles of his laughter which burst on the noisiest of double meaning jokes. May be??? 

Living the past again will come with a pre-decided expiry of seven years. Do I want to contain myself again for another seven years. 


I had made the promises of seven lives. Seven seasons and seven heavens. 

Let the time race a bit backwards. I want to re-live those seven years again. 


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